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We are Offering sustainable peace


A world without peace is a world full of chaos,conflict and destruction.

Conflict Prevention
Conflict Analysis
conflict transformation
conflict management
conflict Resolution
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Human Security

Let's work together to create a secure and peaceful world for all.

Health Security
Economic Security
Food security
Political security
Environmental security
Community security
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Good governance

The Foundation For better tomorrow.

Decision making
Benefit of the Society
Government Responsibility
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Climate Action

Let's work together to reduce our carbon footprint and create a sustainable future for the generations to come.

Reduction of Emissions
Renewable Energy
Natural Ecosystems
Impact Adaptation
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Peace Advocacy

We promote harmony and understanding between individuals and communities.

Disarmament Efforts
Human Right
Promoting Education
Grassroots Movements
Inter-faith Dialogue
Peaceful Co-operation
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Renaissance Foundation for Peacebuilders (REFOP) is a fact findings centre for the understanding of issues of conflict and peace and such other issues that encompasses, generate, and sustain the full array of processes, approaches, and stages crucial to the transformation of violent-conflict for sustainable peace, general benefit and national development.

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No. 5 Asala street, Osolo Way, Isolo, Lagos